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kenny discovers that his dad's old cobra kai dojo is now being operated by sensei john kreese, a man he had never met. unable to stand the new dojo, he learns that kreese had originally been working for the russian mob.

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kyler sees that kenny's talent is in using his fists, as evidenced by the fight, and gives him a different path. kenny tells sensei john kreese about how kyler beat him, and sensei kreese then gives him a chance to study under him.

one day, a new school arrives and they bully kenny for being different. he goes to the cobra kai dojo to talk to his father's old friend terry silver about his problems, and has a reunion with his sister lia. he learns that kreese left the mob. he then challenges sensei kreese to a match, and sensei kreese gives him a new path to follow by teaching him the karate.

when zack's friends come to beat kenny up, he begins to learn karate. he's told by kyler to not be afraid, and that his power is in his fists. he does manage to beat up zack's friends with his newly learned karate.

an old friend of his pops up at his door, claiming that he'll give him 2 million dollars to go on a revenge journey to take his sister away. he refuses but they return and zack gets stuck in the room, and kenny teams up with terry and kyler to rescue zack.

kim wu master sheng nai-jui, in a traditional wind and water art, had intended to pass down his skill to his students and made the movie a fine example of such practice. the shaw brothers studio has made arrangements for better production values in the future. however, the cost of the movies in the 80s and 90s were still quite low and the box office returns were quite high. as a result, many karateka chose to follow the same style in their own productions.


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