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Heartbeat By Elizabeth Scott [WORK]

Last year, Gov. Henry McMaster signed the bill that effectively banned abortions after six weeks, which is typically when heartbeats are detected. The Fetal Heartbeat Act passed its third reading in the state House with 74 votes in favor and 39 against. Prior to that, the state Senate approved the bill with a largely party-line vote of 30-13.

Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott

Here's a breakdown of who voted for and against the fetal heartbeat bill in both chambers. Representatives and senators who represent York, Chester, Lancaster, and Chesterfield counties are noted in bold.

What is a Cardiologist? A subspecialty certification by the Board of Internal Medicine; practitioners are expert in diseases of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. They consult with surgeons on heart surgery, perform diagnostic procedures, and manage complex conditions such as heart attacks and arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeat).


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