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Convert Pianosoft To Midi [HOT]

Write tag files: controls whether a .tags.txt file is written foreach performance. Tags.txt files are used in conjunction with the companionprogram MID2PianoCD toautomatically tag MP3 files when converting diskettes to specially-encodedMP3 files for use with modern player piano systems.

Convert Pianosoft To Midi


Renamed MIDI files: The performances are converted tostandard MIDI files, and the original "8.3" DOS filenames are renamedaccording to the title information entered in PPFBU (which is based on theabbreviated titles present within the performances themselves). Non-musicfiles are not extracted.

Click Add Folder and point MID2PianoCD at the base folder towhich you've archived your diskettes. All of the diskettes will beimported into MID2PianoCD's Files to convert window automatically.

Click the Advanced button and ensure that the source velocityprofile is set properly for the type of diskettes you are converting.Select Disklavier for Yamaha floppies or Full range forPianoDisc floppies. (As this is a global setting affecting all files in thebatch, you should convert only one type of floppy disk at a time.)

  • Version 1.3 (6/14/2017) Improved support for 1.44 MB Yamaha diskettes Added support for 1.44 MB PianoDisc and Disklavier floppies Improved support for Yamaha Disk Orchestra Collection content Improved handling of disk read errors

  • Version 1.1 (3/17/2013) Now unmuting piano track in MIDI files converted from Pianosoft Plus material Fixed initialization of song titles from Yamaha floppies lacking PIANODIR.FIL Fixed bug: SYSEX messages were being omitted from ESEQ->MIDI file conversion

  • Version 1.0 (3/5/2013) First public release

If you have questions or suggestions, please send email to Mark Fontana:

While pulling out one of the MIDI files intact and actually being able to play it was very encouraging, I've decided to change my approach. Rather than trying to convert the disk to a normal floppy, I'm going to start studying the format of the disks and make a tool that can pull the files/info out without having to patch the image. They're clearly in there, I just need to get them out.

With many of the newer Android tablets and phones now sporting USB-C slots, connecting a MIDI keyboard is simpler than ever. A converter cable that has a traditional USB-A or B female connection will work for most MIDI keyboards.

With a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI device not producing an audio signal, it needs to be plugged into another device which can convert the code into something we can hear. In the modern era this is usually a laptop or computer.


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