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Chargenmorph Compiler Dragon Age 2 [CRACKED]

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chargenmorph compiler dragon age 2

Dragon Age character creator looks for the resources (skintones, eye colours, hairs, hair colours, etc) in a xml called chargenmorphcfg.xml. The character creator will show you only the resources that are listed in that xml file.

Most cosmetic mods add their own chargenmorphcfg.xml file that contains the vanilla respurces plus the ones added by the mod. But, if there is more than one chargenmorphcfg.xml file in your Dragon Age override folder, the game won't know which one is the right one to be used and the character creator won't work properly. That is the reason why, when installing more than one cosmetic mod, you will have to add the resources the new mod adds to the lists in the chargenmorphcfg.xml file that is in your override folder.

You can also use the recently updated and improved: CharGenMorph Compiler, made by TerraEx, to combine the ".xml" files from multiple mods automatically. More information about this utility can be found here: Using Dragon Age Mods for Dummies. But, if this tool doesn't work for you or you would prefer to make the changes manually, don't worry. You can edit the chargenmorphcfg.xml using any txt editor (e.g. "Wordpad" works well with this file format.)

Open the chargenmorphcfg.xml and you'll see that it has several sections. Each section begins with a tag like this: and ends with a tag like this: . Some sections have also subsections for each of the races in game to indicate that some resources are available only to some of the races and genders and not to all of them.

Advanced Quickbar - Makes more quickbars available with easy access.CharGenMorph Compiler - Automates the process of merging chargenmorphcfg.xml files, enabling simultaneous multiple cosmetic modifications.

Great idea, poor execution - fix did not work for me. I was still able to drain and receive life from enemy targets under the effect of force field. I didn't see any vanilla code in the script that stops enemies draining life from you or from receiving the health bonus while under force field, but it could be in another script.I checked the source script and the correct object was not being passed to the modded code (the caster object was passed twice in vanilla script for some reason instead of caster and target objects), the index of the object to check was invalid (indexing starts at 0 so even if the target object had been passed correctly using the second index (1), the script listed index 2 when checking for force field effect), and even if those parts had been right the fix allows for the life to be drained from the target just not gained by the caster (unless the drain is stopped in another script).A better place to put the changes if you want to make the spell ineffective on any target with the force field effect is in the event pending section, and it can easily be implemented using event manager for compatibility with other mods.I rewrote the scripts for both drain life and drain mana (they are very similar) to not allow either spell to be cast on any target under the effect of force field. I use combat tweaks so I used its scripts as a base instead of the vanilla scripts so the change wouldn't break that mod. You can use anakin's event manager ( =726) to implement the fix w/o modifying combat tweaks or vanilla files while still maintaining compatibility with CT and vanilla game, but I haven't gotten around to tyring it yet.EDIT: I traced the function that applies the damage to core_h.nss, which just passes it directly to the engine so there's no way to know exactly why the damage does not get applied to the target in certain circumstances or directly fix it, although the application of the healing affect to the caster is in the spell script. It is possible to block the healing effect on the caster only when the target is a party member under force field and not vice versa for when the target is an enemy, but that wouldn't be fair now would it? According to the dragon age wiki force field is supposed to block all damaging effects (I would include drain life/mana and healing in this category), but not buffs/debuffs, and should do this regardless of who the caster or target is.An alternate fix would be to try to bypass the bug in the engine's application of the damage by falsely telling it the damage is from a different ability/spell but making sure the effect is the same.posted @ 19:56, 29 January 2011 , edited by tinman06 at 00:51, 30 January 2011

The 'Adopted' and Dalish Mage Origin mods will both allow you to be a non-circle mage. If you just google 'dragon age origins mods' and then 'Adopted' or 'Dalish Mage Origin' they should come up, and they're both on nexus.


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