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Sabamuallaqat PDF Download - A Guide to the Seven Poems Suspended in the Temple at Mecca

The Sabamuallaqat, or the Seven Mu'allaqat, are a collection of pre-Islamic Arabic poems that are considered to be among the finest examples of Arabic poetry. The word mu'allaqat means "suspended" or "hanging", and refers to the tradition of hanging the poems on the walls of the Kaaba, the sacred shrine in Mecca, as a sign of honor and admiration. The poems were composed by seven famous poets of the sixth and seventh centuries CE, namely Imru' al-Qays, Tarafa, Zuhayr, Labid, 'Antara, 'Amr ibn Kulthum, and Harith ibn Hilliza. The poems reflect the life, culture, values, and beliefs of the pre-Islamic Arabs, and cover themes such as love, war, heroism, loyalty, pride, and eloquence.

Download File:

If you are interested in reading these poems in their original language and in English translation, you can download a PDF file from, which contains a book titled "[al-Sab al-muallaqat] The seven poems suspended in the Temple at Mecca" by Frank E. Johnson. This book was published in 1893 and provides an introduction, a commentary, and a translation of each poem. You can also find another PDF file from, which contains a book titled "Tasheelat Urdu Sharh Sabaul Muallaqat" by Maulana Muhammad Abdul Qadir Siddiqui. This book was published in 2017 and provides an Urdu explanation and interpretation of each poem.

The Sabamuallaqat are a treasure of Arabic literature and a source of inspiration for many poets and writers throughout history. By downloading these PDF files, you can enjoy reading these poems and appreciate their beauty, wisdom, and artistry.


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