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Saurabh Saxena

Saurabh Saxena is passionate about all things ‘Health’! Having been through a very soul steering physical transformation about 2 years ago, Saurabh has since then developed a very keen interest in learning more about human physiology, nutrition, and its linkage to holistic wellbeing.

His curiosity and result orientation led him to take small steps towards transforming his lifestyle habits. The outcomes he saw on the weighing scale and his energy levels got him to pursue the efforts further. 

Saurabh’s natural penchant for coaching thereafter led him to help many colleagues and friends who wanted to rediscover themselves just as Saurabh had. He shared his knowledge about health and his own learnings with peer groups at work. He led by letting them learn rather than just teaching them. As people experimented, they saw results and began to transform their eating habits, lifestyles, and overall mindset to well being.

The impact and results were so gratifying that Saurabh decided to share more of his learnings and experiences and began to document them. The result - this website focused on healthy eating, weight loss, fitness and overall well being

When not thinking about health, Saurabh plays his part as a Vice President, Product Development with Intuit. He is also a certified coach by Marshall Goldsmith and is based out of Bangalore, India.

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