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Know your food intolerances

First, it was “You are what you eat”, later I heard “The food is becoming you”. The latest and most relevant statement today is “You are what you absorb”. While eating right is the first step, ensuring effective metabolism is the key.

To keep our body functioning, the fuel we add to our body every single day are - air, water, and food. Given that every human body is unique, the food we eat can react differently with each person - and that is a given. If you are serious about your health, knowing “your” foods and their impact on “your” bodily system is the first step towards wellness. 

Food allergies are real, dairy product intolerance (lactose) is real, gluten sensitivity (wheat, rye, barley..) is real.

I discovered my body’s intolerance to gluten. The experiments I ran w.r.t my digestive issues, made me realize that I end up with extreme bloating and indigestion issues even after eating very very healthy food. The moment I got wheat (chapatis, bread, bakery items) out of my diet, I began sensing an increased energy level and calmness inside my system. I was able to contract my core easily (which is a good experiment).

Alternatives to my craving need for wheat items are - Jowar Rotis, Bajra rotis, gluten-free chapatis.

Do lookup on something called a FODMAP list of foods that can be experimented with to check your system’s response to each of the food items. 


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