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Wellness Journey 7: BMR, Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate. It is the amount of calories the body will burn in a given amount when at complete rest.

The key to weight loss is to increase the BMR that will enable the body to burn more.

What helps in increasing BMR :

  1. Exercise

  2. Protein Rich Food

  3. Healthy lifestyle.

  4. Coldwater

  5. HIIT - High-intensity interval training

  6. Weight Lifting

  7. Green Tea

  8. Good Sleep

Food that helps in increasing the BMR

  1. Green Veg (Spinach, Broccoli & celery)

  2. Food rich in Zinc, Iron, Vitamin D

  3. Chia Seed, Almond, Flax Seed

  4. Green Tea

  5. Probiotic

  6. Whole Egg

  7. Herbs & Spices (Cinnamon)

  8. Citrus Fruit.

  9. Coconut Oil

Along with BMR, it's also important to track fat for effective weight loss.

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Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat

Subcutaneous fat is the fat below the skin (that you can pinch) while Visceral fat is the internal fat that surrounds your body organ.

As part of the overall fat loss, it's important to track visceral fat loss as well. A high amount of visceral fat reduces the efficiency of organs and can cause several diseases.

= Saurabh

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