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2020 Kitchen Design V11 Crack 19

2020 Kitchen Design V11 19: A Review of the Latest Features

If you are a kitchen and bath designer, you probably have heard of 2020 Design, the award-winning software that helps you streamline your business and impress your customers. 2020 Design is used by thousands of designers around the world to create realistic and stunning designs with ease. But did you know that 2020 Design has recently released a new version, v11 19, that offers even more features and content to enhance your design experience? In this article, we will review some of the highlights of 2020 Design v11 19 and show you how it can help you create amazing designs for your clients.

New Countertop Textures and Paint Colors

One of the most noticeable improvements in 2020 Design v11 19 is the addition of over 300 new countertop textures and nearly 1,500 paint colors from leading brands. You can now choose from a vast selection of Wilsonart abstract, solid, stone and woodgrain countertop textures that will add realism and style to your designs. You can also match paint colors in 2020 Design to the actual Sherwin-Williams colors to provide your clients with more accurate visualizations. Whether you want to create a modern, rustic, or classic look for your kitchen or bathroom, you will find the perfect countertop and paint color combination in 2020 Design v11 19.

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New Lighting Options Based on True IES Profiles

Another major enhancement in 2020 Design v11 19 is the support for Physical Light Properties and thirty Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) profiles. These features allow you to accurately replicate the true visual effect of the lights in your design, such as brightness, color temperature, and beam angle. You can choose from different types of lights, such as recessed, pendant, or under-cabinet lights, and adjust their properties to create the desired mood and ambiance for your space. With 2020 Design v11 19, you can create realistic lighting scenarios that will make your designs shine.

New Sketch Rendering Mode

If you want to add some creativity and flair to your designs, you will love the new Sketch rendering mode in 2020 Design v11 19. This mode allows you to generate artistic renderings that look like hand-drawn sketches. You can customize the sketch style, such as line thickness, color, and shading, to create different effects. You can also combine the Sketch mode with other rendering modes, such as Photo Realistic or Panoramic, to create unique and stunning presentations for your clients. The Sketch rendering mode is a great way to showcase your design skills and impress your customers.

Other Improvements and Features

Besides the features mentioned above, 2020 Design v11 19 also offers many other improvements and features that will make your design process easier and faster. Some of these include:

  • The rendering process now happens in the background, freeing up valuable computer resources. Now you can work on one kitchen while rendering another.

  • Improved legends make it easier to identify cabinets across all views floorplans, elevations and reports. Perfect for communicating with installers and sub-contractors.

  • Improved identification of colliding items helps you correct plans.

  • New wizards for door and window, cabinet door and customer material to streamline the design process.

  • Expanded generic catalog library with over 100 new moldings, toe kicks, and corbels to offer more flexibility and realism in the designs.

And much more!


2020 Design v11 19 is a powerful and versatile software that will help you create amazing kitchen and bathroom designs for your clients. With its new features and content, you can create realistic and stunning renderings that will showcase your design vision and style. Whether you are a beginner or an expert designer, you will find 2020 Design v11 19 easy to use and fun to work with. If you want to try it for yourself, you can request a free trial today. You will be amazed by what you can do with 2020 Design v11 19.


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